We provide various legal solutions and advisory services to our clients pertaining to relevant fields of the Iraqi law; our advisory role is tailor-designed to prevent clients from any legal implications.

Our quality of legal advises considers research the necessary comparable legal procedures and laws, as well as comparable cases in order to verify how to apply the law to our clients' circumstances.

In dynamic and developing markets such as Iraq with many unpredictable situations, it is crucial to seek legal advice before commencing commercial activities to ensure calculated results.  



We offer to our clients 

a wide range of legal services that involve any legal or administrative matters to ensure their needs are met by experts whom are familiar with the legal system and apply business tactics that benefits our clients.

 The extent of our services under this section could actually involve all legal matters. 

Our legal services are based on assignments negotiated with the clients to assist them achieve their objectives the way they are complaint to the law, reducing exposure to issues and improve results.



When we are called on 

to mediate disputes, oversee a contract

 signing or advise 

about corporate management, then 

we will act in representation of our client.

This representation 

may also involve defending our clients’ interests 

before government bodies and judiciary in case of 

no amicable solutions 

were reached.

If you have claims or potential claims arising,  our experts pleased to assist you.